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2017-04-27 08:30:50 by DJCookiechamp


My ban is going to delete in a few months. Then I'm going to use FL Studio(I don't know, what edition) and then I'm going to upload this on NG. I'm sure, the NG-Team is going to accept this content. I'm just banned from submitting Audio, because I uploaded a file which is made by MAGIX Music Maker JAM(That isn't a Product-Placement or an advertisement for this programm!!!) so the NG-team deleted it and banned me from submitting Audio. I was writing with a Moderator and he(or she) gave me an advice: Use A Licence Free Programm. So, I'm going to do that. FL Studio is expensive, but it's OK. Anyway I can upload other things: Movies, Art, Games. I already uploaded some Art-Pictures.

Well, that was I had to say. Wonderful day to all ! ! !




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2017-04-27 08:41:10

LMMS is free by the way.

DJCookiechamp responds:

OK, thank you! :D


2017-04-27 11:52:46

LMMS, REAPER, a few other things are Free. @sorohanro uses MuLab, if I remember correctly, while @MetalRenard used to use Reaper. Feel free to ask them about it, if cost is an issue.

DJCookiechamp responds:

OK, maybe I'm going to ask they.


2017-04-27 16:15:37

Sorry @Troisnyx, REAPER isn't free but it is very reasonably priced. It used to have a glitch where you could use the free trial forever. Now the free trial is 60 days.

Good luck finding the DAW that suits you.

DJCookiechamp responds:

Thank you for the tip!